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Tove Ditlevsen

(14 December 1917 - 7 March 1976) was a Danish poet and author. She was born in Copenhagen and grew up in the working-class neighbourhood of Vesterbro. Her childhood experiences were the focal points of her work. Ditlevsen was married and divorced four times. She published 29 books including short stories, novels, poetry and memoirs. She was awarded the Tagea Brandt Rejselegat in 1953 and De Gyldne Laurbær in 1956. Her poem "Blinkende Lygter", from the book of the same name, is featured in the 2000 film Flickering Lights, directed by Anders Thomas Jensen. Her novel Barndommens gade was made into a film in mid-1980s and Anne Linnet released an album with poems by Ditlevsen, sung by Linnet. Throughout her adult life she struggled with alcohol and drug abuse, and she was several times admitted to a psychiatric hospital, a recurring theme in her later novels. She died by suicide in 1976 due to an overdose of sleeping pills.

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