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The Crazy Norwegian's Fish and Chips

259 6th Street
Port Orford, Oregon 97465

Couldn't find a website for this place, but it looks like a gritty, interesting little fish shack. Hard to say how much Norwegian food they have without seeing a menu. Reviews are good, but speak mostly of fish and chips. Somebody please fill me in.

Olsen Fish Company

2115 North 2nd Street
Minneapolis, Minnesota 55411
At last, a source for good lutefisk. I know some of you are saying is there any such thing as good lutefisk? Check these folks out and learn the truth, and it shall set you free.

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A Swedish Affair

1400 Colonial Boulevard
Fort Myers, Florida 33907
This shop has been around a long time, selling a wide variety of Swedish and Scandinavian stuff. Another in-state place I need to check out.

Finn Style

160 Glenwood Avenue
Minneapolis, Minnesota 55405
The place to go for all things Finnish.

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