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6719 15th Avenue Northwest
Seattle, Washington 98117
Nice looking little bakery and cafe in Seattle.

Broder Øst

102 Oak Street - Suite 100
Hood River, Oregon 97031
Swedish restaurant where breakfast and lunch appear to be the featured meals. They don't limit the fare to Swedish items, either, as a few Danish specialties make their way onto the menu.

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Pia's Scandinavian Woolens

Anchorage, Alaska
Once upon a time Pia's used to be a real brick and mortar store in downtown Anchorage. I had the pleasure of going there a few years back, and meeting Pia. I see from their website that they have closed that location, but they remain in business as an online entity. They still look like they have a nice array of Scandinavian goods."

The Danish Windmill

P.O. Box 245 - 4038 Main
Elk Horn, Iowa 51531
The place is an honest-to-God windmill. Looks like they have a wide variety of high quality Danish collectibles, focusing on Royal Copenhagen and Bing & Grondahl plates.

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